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Originally Posted by jaestes123 View Post

Could the increased estradiol be causing weight distribution pattern changes to the buttocks and upper leg region? Ive always and only ever read that man breasts are the noticeable change, and I have none of that. It's like my rear and upper legs are at 25-30% bodyfat and the rest of me is at a much lower level, closer to 15%.

Also, am I right to desire an estradiol test result in the range of 20-30? I know its likely more complicated. But, would such a seemingly small change 15-20 pg/mL downward be beneficial and or/and important? If most men my age are in that afore lower range, I will certainly be persistent in attempting to attain lower levels.
1) Not sure. That is not a stubborn bodyfat area for men that I'm aware of.

Take a look to see some of the problems with high estrogen:

2) Yeah, that would be a good start. You are at the upper range now from what I've read.

See here

Also not sure your urologist is the best person to talk to. It may be costly but Id look at talking to an endocrinologist. A urologist isn't going to have the best knowledge for hormone discussion.

Would personally talk to an endocrinologist, show him your test results and tell them you'd like to be put on a low dose AI. See what they think.
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