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Thanks ssg and big pecs. Haven't been by here in a while because there was not much post activity initially.

The first link seems to indicate that estrogen deficiency and not moderate or otherwise excess can be problematic. The second which I had come by before also makes estrogen out to not be the bad guy many chalk it up to be. Lot of unanswered questions here just like most other topics in health.

I plan to have my estradiol results taken again. It was the sensitive test recommended in the first link. If they are still above 40 then perhaps I should pursue treatment.

Its not like I'm asking to haev my test levels adjusted way upward - just a proper balance in what I've come to see as the main male and female hormones. Unfortunately as far as I know, there may be nothing wrong with my levels as they are. And I surely would not want to complicate my health situation further by adding a new medication to my regiment.

Its just a matter of determining whether or not the benefits outweigh any potential risks. I value my physical strength and capacity more than most things in life(I'm an endurance cyclist, and, general fitness
"enthusiast". As I do my mind and its faculties. And not least, good health. If a better test/est ratio could potentially improve any of these without damaging the other(s), then it is worth pursuing - I just don't know how I would determine this, even with a doctors guidance.

With regards to the meds I take. The prostate medication is 100% necessary as far as we know and I am told permanently. The other 2 that i take for my brain chemistry are necessary at least for the time being perhaps permanently as they help my brain operate more normally. So thats pretty much a no-go, too.

I guess my question pertaining to estrogen is whether or not it would be safe and/or necessary to pursue lower levels if my results say 44 pg/ml, and my should my goal be 20-30(why is that range in my head?)?

I will talk to my doctor. He may be willing to suggest an endocrinologist. He may also say that my levels are normal and that he will not. Just not sure how adamantly I need to pursue this issue.

Thanks again guys for your time and input.
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