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Originally Posted by jaestes123 View Post
I guess my question pertaining to estrogen is whether or not it would be safe and/or necessary to pursue lower levels if my results say 44 pg/ml, and my should my goal be 20-30(why is that range in my head?)?

I will talk to my doctor. He may be willing to suggest an endocrinologist. He may also say that my levels are normal and that he will not. Just not sure how adamantly I need to pursue this issue.

Thanks again guys for your time and input.
So I think your goal is reasonable. Too high estrogen can be very detrimental to men. So you are aware too, you are the one in control. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor you want to see an endocrinologist. You don't have to get his permission. You are the patient.

I don't mean to sound like I'm pressuring you. I'm not. Test and Estrogen control so much and I have just seen the effects of living with lowish values of test and seen the change it brought once I took action on it (low dose SERM). It helped get rid of my depression pretty much for good.

EDIT: Btw hope it all works out.

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