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W1D1 & W1D2
Food as stated except no lemons
Exercise: Walked on D2

W1D3 Plan (same applies to W1D4)

Food by protein content (83g total)
34g Whey
30g Tuna can/jar
15g Quark
c4g Vegetables (broccoli, spinach, cauliflower)
1.2g active Omega 3
1181mg Potassium (66mg from multimineral, 185mg from whey, c930mg from vegetables)
785mg Calcium (500mg from multimineral, 135mg from whey, 150mg from quark)
371mg Magnesium (250mg from multimineral, 21mg from whey, c100mg from vegetables)

The food and supplements are spread over 2 meals and 1 snack. In addition, I drink a total of 2700ml of water and take a multimineral.

Soon to add:

Calcium tablets
Magnesium tablets
0.6g active Omega 3
Potassium salt (if I can find it locally)
Lakstee and Green tea
Virtually fat free cheese
More foods at some point
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