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Default Day 13

Weight: 146

Today's nutrition:

I decided to fast, starting at around noon yesterday, so only had a bit of bouillon today (about 30 calories; 3 carbs) and some unsweetened hot chocolate (about 30 calories).

Feeling a little hungry but fine. I've done a bunch of OMAD and a couple of 2 day fasts before and have been pretty much keto/16:8 so this doesn't feel like a stretch. I haven't really fasted during the workweek though so we'll see how tomorrow goes. It does feel odd not to eat while my son is having dinner I make him but that's why I had my "soup."

Not sure if I'll make this a 48 hour or 72 hour fast. It'd be cool to go to 72 hours but we'll see how I feel tomorrow.
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