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Default Should I drop calories by 10% or give more time?

First of all love the book. This is the longest I have ever adhered to a diet in my life...almost can't believe I made it a month without regular soda, chips, or any junk food really. Being mentally flexible is made dieting not a big deal to me for this year was part of my new years resolutions to slowly work away at a goal, not burn myself out.

Anyhow; I know we're suppose to use weekly averages to land in the sweet spot of 1-1.5 pounds a week but I'm confused on my numbers because the first week I only dropped so much because I was losing holiday food. And my weight seems to just be fluctuating so much I can't get a reliable number. I have been tracking pretty well and I eat 2000 calories a day. Refeeds on Saturday

January 3- 185 pounds (first weigh in; begin diet)
January 10- 180.2 pounds
January 17- 178.6 pounds
January 24- 179.8 pounds
January 31- 177.8 pounds

Diet Category

I did my diet in category 2. I think I'm going to category 1 for February. I'm roughly 15% body fat now. I'm 6'0.


Putting myself in category 2.

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