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Originally Posted by Rafaeltow View Post
My calves are pretty subborn, I always had troubles bringing them up, and I've tried everything heavy weight, light weight, high reps, low reps, supersets, every angle/machine imaginable....

Now I haven't trained them in several weeks, but went onto the stairmill for 20 minutes after every workout. Maybe I'm wrong, but I got the impression that my calves have grown and got a lil more cuts as well.

Is training calves maybe counterproductive when u got I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.ty calf-genetics, and more cardio might do the job? Think of all the cyclists with great calves, who've never seen a weight-room in their lives...
A lot of cyclists DON'T have great calves. You just notice the ones that do, because they stand out so obviously.

Again, genetics. If you got the genetics to grow cows with mere cycling, it'll happen.
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