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Default Living in a (caloric) deficit

Hi folks.
So this is a continuation of my logs at this forum, the goal of which is to keep me accountable and share with the community my reflections, as I have gained some valuable insights in my previous logs.
Anyway, not gonna write stats all over again, but in short, current weight is hovering around 94 kg (209 lb), and I have been maintaining the past months really. These past months have been somewhat of a challenge in terms.of consistency, because I have had very sucessful days of easy to adhere deficit, but other days life threw me off (newborn, family choirs, stress at work, PhD) and on these days I did not track and I overdid it with high cal food often, so overall whatever, I am maintaining. Interestingly, I have observed that I can eat upwards of 4000 cal on some days and maintain overall weight and BF, which is maybe due to deficit on other days, but also I am training consistently, so maybe partitioning is also contributing to not getting a fat I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post. in total. Anyway, I am guessing that my current BF is around 18 to 20% (photos velow). Also, I have decided that I will take the following approach in the future: neverI go over 14 days of hard deficit without breaking it with a 3 to 4 days maintenance. Physiological reasons aside, the cravings I get after 14 days of deficit are insane and the mental fog and fatigue are debilitating.
To be continued...
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