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Thanks alot, great insight and I much appreciate it! This was actually also what I was hoping to hear.

Also, I was here referring to people that CAN control there diets(willpower!) and in which is the most healthiest diet in that case, when eating properly/varied in each of the diets.

Can I please ask what the consensus around here(Lyle's opinion spread around here) about health of dairy? I know calcium is important, but I believe there are other(inferiour) sources. In milk there's an allowed level of "puss" and some speculate adults have no business drinking milk. High saturated fat is another negative. I saw that it was illegal by law to call eggs healthy in commercials. I know that many tests shows neglible impact on bad cholesterol, but again i've read that the curve isn't linear, and that it's because we already consume saturated fat that the values don't go much up, and if we ceased it(or greatly reduced), then the tests would be different when consuming eggs and testing cholesterol.

I know lyle advocates dairy in his books, so probably believes that within moderation it isn't bad, but i'm here talking optimally and not just "not bad". Or maybe the calcium outweighs the negatives.
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