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This is my second day on Bromo, and boy have I had results! And even though I had heavy nausea, had to lay down for 5 mins here and there (at work) and vomited several times the first day, I now feel in balance, get a feeling of fullness from just looking at the dinner plate, "other things" are finally getting back to where they should be (), and and my overall conception of things has changed - to the better.

I have also noticed that I no longer feel the urge for a cigarette or "a fix". I started at 1 mg the first day, and will increase the dose by 0.25 each day. I also found out that by waiting at least 4 h from awakening, and then taking Bromo with pro+a little cbh totally removes the side effects. It's brilliant!

Thank you for all your research on this topic, Lyle!
It might just be the stabilisation of hormone levels I've been in desperate need of for the last 8-10 years.

Thumbs up!
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