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Cool 40/60% LBM/FM. Am I losing too much lean body mass

Hi All,

First off, let me say I'm doing great on RFL. Started as Cat2 dieter 6 Weeks ago. Initial body weight was 83.6 kg (184.3lb) and 20.2% BF% (BIA and calipers agree within 1%). I'm doing full body workouts a la Stronglifts (Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Military Press and Bent Over Rows), but I reduced to 3x5 from 5x5 and to twice instead of three times a week, which is a 60% volume reduction, but keeping the weights pretty much near my maxs (130kg Deadlift, 105kg Squat, 65kg Bench, 45kg Press, 55kg Rows)

Today I checked in at 75.3kg (166lb) and 15.9% BF. Again BIA and Caliper agreeing within <1%. I'm feeling great and want to continue for 2 weeks more until the start of my summer vacation, which I will conveniently use as diet break, before probably doing the next stint in order to try reaching 12% BF.

So everything is fine and I wanted to thanks Lyle for such a great resource.

Now to my question: Am I losing too much lean body mass? I've lost 8.3 kg in 6 Weeks: 3.38 kg in LBM + 4.91 FatM. That's about 40/60 % LBM/FM of every kg dropped. It seems to me this is too much, since I read on the book or the website that 30/70 is more like the acceptable upper limit for lean mass loss.

I've been eating between 175 and 180g of protein per day (adjusting weekly as I lost weight), so I didn't expect to have such a high lean body mass loss in proportion to fat. Maybe I should up a little bit the protein intake?

I'd appreciate your comments.
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