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This used to always confuse me too. I'd do the math and figure out what weight I need to cut to in order to reach my goal bodyfat%.

Then you start dieting and the BIA will jump up! And you realize very quickly that you need to reach a lower bodyweight than you thought in order to hit your goal. But then you'll refeed and look good at a higher weight than you need to diet down to.

Example: You start at 180 and conclude you'll be lean at 160 based on the math. You really need to diet down to 150-155. Then refeed and look good at 155-160.

This all assuming your initial bodyfat estimate was solid. Most people tend to underestimate how fat they are
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Thank you Lyle. This website is a game changer once you understand the mechanisms behind fat loss/muscle gain.

Spun my wheels for years prior to finding this site.
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