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Default Inbody 370 BIA accurate for bodyfat %? Worth paying for?

Hi all,

Yesterday I listened to a James Krieger interview in which he said the Inbody BIA system was very good for measuring populations (which a lot of the bf% methods are good at it appears) and he seemed (I think) to give an above a 'meh' rating to the INBODY bia system which measure electrical currents through your entire body due to having feet AND hand sensor thingies.

I've read Lyle's article on BIA and other methods and read James bodyfat measuring articles too. I've normally avoid all BIA systems as they seem to be low reliability and affected by hydration levels, etc.

Are the Inbody BIA machines a lot better than average BIA systems or is it a marginal improvement?

Would it be worth paying for? It'd cost $15 dollars each time at the only place i've found so far near me. James' article stated BIA can be off by 8% which is pretty massive? Would there be a tighter accuracy on the InBody or would it only be marginal? eg.6% off which is still poor????

Obviously if I used this I'd try make sure hydration, sodium content, empty stomach, stress levels/sleep for coritisol, carbs the day before, etc would be similar before each visit.

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