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i start off trying 60% of max, maybe i have to regulate it
I have made this schedule, how does that sound? I workout in a home gym, and "only" have a squatrack and a pulldown machine.
Deplate is a 2-split:
Chest/Shoulder/Back & Legs/arms

Warm-up not including (2 set for each exercise)

Bench 3x12
Incline Bench 3x12
Rows 3x12
Pulldown 3x12
Military press 3x12
Lateral Raise 3x12

Squat 3x12
Deadlift 3x12
Front Squat 3x12
Biceps (some curls) 2x12
Triceps (French press) 2x12
Calves 3x15

Squat 2x6-12
Frontsquat 2x6-12
Deadlift 2x6-12
Rows 2x6-12
Bench 2x6-12
Flyers 2x6-12
Military Press 2x6-12
Front Raise 2x6-12
Biceps 2x6-12
Triceps 2x6-12

Saturday (Supersets)
Squat 2x3-6
Calves 2x3-6

Bench 2x3-6
Rows 2x3-6

Incline Bench 2x3-6
Pulldown 2x3-6

Frontsquat 2x3-6

Military press 2x3-6
Rear Lateral 2x3-6

Biceps 2x3-6
Triceps 2x3-6
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