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Originally Posted by semipartial View Post
Your workout schedule looks horrible in at least 45 places. Did you even read the book?
Yeah, i have read the book..
Please inlighten me, where the mistake is?
I have build it up, like a 2 split (like the book say on page 57 - middle)
Alternately, you can split the depletion across two days. There are several possible splits
to use. Chest/back/shoulders on Day 1 and legs/arms/abs on day 2 is one good option. This puts
all the work for the shoulder girdle on one day, and pairs the exhausting leg workout (high rep/short rest legs is just brutal) with the less energy intensive arms on day 2.

Make sure for large
bodyparts like chest and back that you select exercises which hit different angles. So flat and
incline bench for chest; rows and pulldowns for back, that sort of thing.

3 sets of 12-15 with a 1 minute rest

I mean my training include that, basic exercise, 3x12-15 reps (I type 12, if i can pull 15, i do that of course)

Page 61
Your goal during this workout is sets of 6-12 reps which should be somewhere between 70 and 85% of your 1 repetition maximum...
Pick at most two exercises for legs, chest, back and shoulders, and only one exercise for arms (or two exercises worked for one set each). Not including warmup sets, you'll be doing 4 sets for legs, chest, back, and shoulders and 2 sets for arms.

I also mean i include that in my workout?
2 exercise for leg (Squat and front squat)
2 for back (Deadlift and rows)
2 for chest (Bench and flyers)
2 for shoulders (Military and front raise)
1 for biceps (Curls)
1 for triceps (french press)
All is 2x6-12.

Page 69
For joint safety, you should pick basic, compound exercises such as squats (or front squats
or deadlifts), bench and incline presses, rows (bent over or machine) and pulldowns or chins for
back, shoulder presses or upright rows for shoulders, and barbell curls and close grip bench
presses for arms. At most two exercises per bodypart is sufficient, although arms should only
need one. This should give you 4-6 heavy sets for legs, chest, back and shoulders, and 2-3 for
I also think i include that? Heavy compound exercise, supersetting 2x3-6?

Please let me hear your thought? And, english isn't my first language, so i apologize for the gramma
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