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So I'm still at 156. Some unfortunate things have happened in my life that I'm struggling to deal with.

Not so good things:

- Still drinking too much at night
- Had to go back on sporadic Xanax to help me w/panic attacks at work (I don't love Xanax and I feel it slows my metabolism down)
- Haven't done any kind of diet

Better things:

- Have maintained my workouts and even added in HIIT and yoga to help mix things up
- Have been doing occasional bulletproof style coffee in the AM and find it really works to suppress appetite till lunch. I've never loved breakfast and I'd like to make this a near-daily habit

I'm not even sure why I'm writing here except to say that I'd really, really like to get to 149. It's so silly but that number would really help me. It's a kind of 2-year anniversary of a few changes in my life on August 1st so while I don't think I'll lose 6.5 pounds of fat by then, I'm going to figure out some sort of plan that can get me close. RFL is too intense for me but anything would be better than the freewheeling I've been up to over the past 6 weeks.
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