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Default Day 6

Weight: 155.5


Calories: 1584
Fat 110
Protein: 107
Carbs: 21


My Fat/Protein/Carb count is slightly off (I accounted for it in my calories) because I made a bunch of creamy "keto soup" in the morning instead of my usual Bullet Proof Coffee with Protein. Was suddenly feeling the worst sort of keto fluish kind of symptoms so wanted to load up on electrolytes etc so used a bunch of Jarrow's bone broth and some cream.

Overall, went about 300 calories over my average goal but stayed on track in terms of macros generally. Also realize I've not been accounting for fiber in my net carbs but I'm eating so low carb (steak; brussels sprouts) that it just means I'm definitely under <20 carbs each day when you account for it. I should start doing that going forward.

Haven't worked out in a bit so going today and hopefully going to do a mix of things and just get my heart rate up // sweat for awhile.

Scale wise it's nice to see 155.5 on the third day of my period. Emotionally, feeling rough because I'm dealing with some pretty difficult things and not being able to eat or drink my feelings has caused myself to really sit with my feelings. Interestingly I don't really miss drinking (I went out to meet some friends last night and easily had seltzer) but feeling so sad has, well, been sad. I'm telling myself it's emotionally and physically healthier in the long run but this has been a weird weekend. I should have made sure to get some physical exercise in. Happy to be working out today.
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