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Run it for 50 workout days. Meaning that if you lift 3-4 days a week, an ARA cycle will last around 12 weeks.

It's very good for strength, but diet (as always) should be tuned before jumping in. Dirty bulking is not beneficial on an ArA cycle. I did both times and wasn't that fond of the end result.

First time I ran it, I ran it with PES Anabeta Elite and had some very good aggression and strength in the gym. I gained weight, but about 40% of it was fat. My diet sucked at the time.

The second time, I ran it with a full-body workout routine working out 3-4 days a week and backloaded all of my carbs. This was before I stumbled upon this forum and lyle's info. That resulted in mostly strength gain since, again, my diet sucked.

If I were to do it again, I'd run it alongside Anabeta with an on-point diet and cals slightly over maintenance incorporating weekly HIITs.

Remember that because it is a fatty acid, it can be disposed into fat cells in the presence of insulin, so make sure you take it fasted so that to achieve higher muscle content of ArA.

Some forums might advocate using GMS as emulsifier for ArA, I wouldn't. Just run it with a carnitine salt and make sure to dose with 81mg of aspirin since ArA thickens the blood.

Also make sure to NOT dose your fish oil and any other anti-inflammatory supplements with a four hour window of taking ArA. For example, if you workout at 4pm, your last dose of fish oil will be noon and you can resume supplementation again at 8pm.

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