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Originally Posted by Bloodlol View Post
Woah, thanks for the info man.
So you're only taking it on Workout days? And how did you go about the dosing, I've seen week 1:750/week2:1000/week3:1250 etc as a staple on other boards
Both runs were only on workout days and I dosed it in the morning 1hr pre-workout and fasted. First run I did 1.5g and moved up to 2g. The second run I only did 1.5g and noticed no difference between 1.5 and 2. Next run I might even just do 1.25. Also I plan on adding in bcaas 30 min pre workout with at least 3-5 grams of leucine to stimulate mtor.

I would only worry about cancer if it runs in your family. Also if you're susceptible to inflammation be wary since ArA increases inflammation. I had to start taking cissus both runs a month into the cycle.
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