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Default Just another quick heads up

Since folks seem to be having a lot of comprehension problems once again.

When I tell you to 'stop posting about a given topic or I'm banning you', I'd suggest you do just that. Vic just pissed me off and he got permabanned because of it. I told him not to post again and he got all twitty with me. And now he doesn't even get to read the forum. I"m sure I'll get a whiny email from him shortly. That's what always happens.

When I make a statement of that sort, it's not an idle threat. If I say 'do X or I will do Y' and you do X, I will do Y.

This is not complicated. And yet we've had multiple people kicked off the boards for their inability to take me seriously.

I'll point out again the rules post: if you are unhappy with how I run my FREE forum, feel free to go elsewhere. Do NOT stay here and whine about it.

So...who's next?