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Originally Posted by zmirvin View Post
I don't think I have ever seen you be helpful in one comment (BigPecsPeter). I don't even know why you respond.

I am curious as to the mechanism of why increased AA oxidation promotes protein synthesis or puts the body in a more anabolic state?

I will purchase the papers if needed I just thought someone might be able to explain, which would save me a little money. Obviously, you are not the person.
I'm sorry if I offended you. Honestly, I just meant to point out that bibliographies are there to enable readers to go to the source, and that in my view the question was too unspecific to be answered.

I still feel the question is somewhat suspect. The passage you're referring to did not couch the concept in quite the terms you used above. Nothing was specified about "promoting protein synthesis" or putting the body in a "more anabolic state". I think these are your interpretations of phrases like "playing a role in overall anabolic drive" and "may have benefits for increasing muscle". I'm not trying to nitpick; I just think there are important reasons why such and such is carefully worded in a particular fashion.
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