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Originally Posted by zmirvin View Post
I was trying to learn more about the "Anabolic Drive" from increased AA oxidation, but I am not able to access the two main sources you recommend in your book:

12. Millward, DJ. The endocrine response to dietary protein: the anabolic drive on growth. In Milk Proteins: Nutritional, clinical, functional and technological aspects. C.A. Barth, E. Schlimme (Eds.) Springer Verlag, 1989.
13. Millward, DJ and Rivers, JPW. The need for indispensable amino acids: the concept of the anabolic drive. Diabetes/Metabolism Rev (1989) 5:191-211.

Can anyone explain this a little more in-depth to me or refer me to somewhere I might be able to read up more on the topic?

Best bet is to put the title of paper 2 into Pubmed. Then hit see all or see reviews. Whether Millward or anybody else is still pushing this concept I have no idea.
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