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Originally Posted by jesse View Post
...Just a note on Brad Hudson- he is a tool. His entire book is based on thread posted on message board by the infamous Coach Renato Canova. Since Renato's english is poor- Hudson's interpretation is flawed out the wazoo, at best. He makes absolutely no sense at all with his "funnel" philosophy. He took what Renato found based on science (he tests his athlets lactait levels etc..) and butchered it into some generic American watered down version and his athletes suck as a result of it.
Dathan Ritzenhein ran a 2:10:00 marathon under Hudson. Since changing to Alberto Salazar, Ritzenhein has improved by 5 seconds (in 3 years). So either:
- A 2:10:00 marathon sucks OR
- Salazar also sucks as a coach OR
- You're being overly harsh on Hudson

In terms of giving runners a book to base their training on, most of them are not going to be in a position to measure lactate levels (I presume this is what you meant by lactait), so that sort of stuff's pretty academic. All that matters is the question as to whether the training advice makes people quicker.
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