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Well, step in the right direction, I suppose.

You blocked me on FB a while ago, and (on a few occasions) have been very abrasive with me - but - I never have held it against you because I have a lot of respect for what you have done in this field. Have learned a lot from you and I really appreciate your contribution. Have hailed you (and a few others; although their information isn't as accessible as yours) as "the guy" and have directed plenty of people to educate themselves via your homepage.

And, I always suspected something was up concerning your state, so I had some compassion and didn't take it personally.

But, something to note: hopefully you coming out with this changes the tone of some members on here who have otherwise taken it upon themselves to behave in a similar grandiose/authoritative state that you otherwise would project so deeply onto this forum.

Your behaviour spawned little minions which likely made this forum experience sour for others as they'd be bashed or spoken to in a condescending way. And, it never would cease because the guy running the forum (you) was doing it as well.

This issue has never been addressed, likely from fear of scrutiny, but it has been ever so present on your forum for a long time (I have read just about every thread on here).

In any event, I wish you all the best and would be delighted to hear that you have (eventually) reached a place where you are comfortable with your state.