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Originally Posted by mrlakramondas View Post
You don't need to 'bulk'. What you need to do at 15 is to learn how to lift properly and actually enjoy what you are doing. You don't need to overemphasize the nutritional aspect of bodybuilding. It basically comes down to eating sufficient amount of calories and protein to sustain growth. A little bit of fat gain is ok, but you don't need to 'bulk' nor do you need to count every single calorie you are eating.

I doubt you will listen tho. Information overload, overcomplication and overanalyzing is at an all-time high in bodybuilding.
1. iv'e already learned to lift properly.
2. i enjoy the nutrition and lifting aspect of lifting and bodybuilding.
3. i dont count every little ounce, i just like to know im getting sufficient quantities for growth.
4. you need a calorie surplus, after newby gains, if you are lean and want to add muscle ie. hypertrophy.
5. fat gain is going to come with muscle gain, read lyle's article. in order to get bigger and stronger, you need a surplus. the lower the surplus, the lower the amount of muscle/fat you gain. the larger, to an extent of about 500 surplus, you will gain maximal amounts of LBM and fat. you bulk it up and then cut it down, simple.
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