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Originally Posted by neokahn View Post
Thanks PhysiologyIsPhun...I can totally get behind this post because you bring up very good points. Some I had not thought about nor experienced for myself.

My only thought would be that not everybody experiences these same challenges. With the exception of the workouts being far more brutal than usual everything else has been pretty painless for me. Crazy right?

Mon, Tues, Wednesday and Thurs (except for the start of the load) I never feel hungry. Maybe it is my food choices that leave me feeling quite pleasant even under a 25%+ restriction from TDEE. I have chosen to do far more cardio than caloric restriction and it is most certainly helping in this regard. I actually look forward to caloric restriction after sitting around stuffing copious amounts of carbs into my pie-hole over the weekend...but also look forward to the carb load when that comes around again. I literally look forward to every single phase of the program. Maybe I am strange in this regard.

I don't suffer from any of the toilet issues and besides feeling lethargic from the load and hungry in between 2 hour meals (since the nutrients process so quickly) it is actually quite pleasant as well.

The mechanics of administering the program is a walk in the park since every diet I have ever done is weighed, prepared and tracked in a ridiculously detailed manner, so this was just a different set of parameters, but business as usual in most respects.

In my specific case I could have dieted down to 15% or lower (from my starting point of 19%) using typical methods but what appealed to me was the depletion/loading...carving fat without digging into my ability to maintain my strength. With typical methods this has historically been a problem for me, so this was an alternative that I was excited to try. So far in 6.5 weeks in I have lost 14lbs and roughly 8%bf (from 19% to 11%)...strength is steady in most lifts and even up in a few...and it really hasn't been that hard.

So yeah, I broke the 15% rule myself just as the OP was contemplating. Perspectives and experience vary though and who knows what the OP's will be. From my point looking in and the experiences I have had it didn't look like a stretch to me at all, so I merely I wanted to encourage. No harm intended.


My sentiments exactly Neo!! I find UD2 extremely easy and satisfying. I started at 18% BF and now Im down to 12 in 9 weeks. First week I didn't count since I was trying to pin down the diet. 13 lbs in total!!!

I appreciate the depletion days and carb loads. It's so easy to loose 1 lbs of actual fat a week while maintaining strength and even increasing muscle mass.

It's only a matter of time before I reach my goal of 10% BF. The lessons learned on this diet have forever changed my ways. I can't thank Lyle enough for that.

On Love!


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