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I guess I see a weekly 48-hour fast as more extreme, and less "long-term normality," than a day of RFL here and there!

And if you've been overweight for a long time or you aren't really in tune with nutrient-dense eating and your body's needs, you can't just suddenly say "I'll eat normally." You don't have a normal. You have your familiar way of eating that got you fat, and you have your diet that got you thin.

To find what "normal" maintenance is, you need external feedback -- such as the number on the scale. Maybe any given day the number is somewhat arbitrary (you're retaining water, you need to make a big poop, whatever) but over time it's going to tell you what you want to know: am I eating above maintenance calories, or below? And then you use that feedback to adjust. "I thought I was eating to satiation, but I'm gaining weight. I need to find lower-calorie foods that satisfy me, or I need to rethink what 'full' feels like."

Mental games can help as well: "Do I want to eat this pie now and gains n% of fat, or have a healthy/decent body?"
It's a good move but again, you need some external feedback to help you set up those mental games. Is it every piece of pie? How big a piece of pie? How much is n%?

It seems to me that taking an RFL day every time you cross a threshhold would be a good way to track that feedback. E.g., you ate pie every night for dinner last month and had to take 5 RFL days. Maybe you decide to eat half a piece, or only eat dessert on weekends, and then you only take one RFL day the next month, so you know you're zeroing in on maintenance. (And THEN you can play the mental games: do I want this whole piece of pie now knowing I'll have to take an extra RFL day soon?)

I mean, if you're constantly yo-yoing, one day off RFL and the next day on, you aren't eating anywhere close to maintenance. But then obviously you need a lot of work on what "maintenance" eating is going to look like long-term.

Disclaimer: I have never maintained weight loss successfully and can only talk about what doesn't work -- and speculate from there what might! I may well be talking out of my rear end.
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