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Great discussion guys/gals. Very useful information was gained. My long commutes I have watched videos on fasting/ketogenic diets recently. Yes, like Liberty said, I'm at the stage where I had habits that got me fat and I had a diet that got me thin - now I'm at a stage that may take a while to find what I need to do to maintain the loss. I'm doing the crazy RFL yo-yo thing now (not sustainable for obvious reasons now) but I have learned a few things recently.

Do you happen to be familiar with Dr. Jason Fung? I don't believe the 48 hour fasts are so crazy as I would have suspected. I was quite surprised when 2 here chimed in on it...I have actually done this today. I haven't eaten anything and after some initial hunger around lunch time; the hunger actually subsided.

Lyle has a very excellent article on Insulin

No it isn't about fasting, but I'm noticing quite a bit of connection between fasting and keeping insulin levels low. I found in your post and Lyle's article about how protein can ellict an insulin response; I did not know that. I really thought I was just crazy that I could actually get more hungry after eating a measured 400 grams of protein from chicken breast! I was thinking...isn't this suppose to be satiating?

This has gotten me thinking that I should try out a higher-fat, moderate protein, low carb diet coupled with an intermittent fasting schedule. Alternate day fasting sounds plausible but if that doesn't work out for me I'm going to aim for a 6pm-10pm schedule. That would get me 20-22 hours of fasting a day which is also not too bad.

I think what I might do now is just do a food log for a couple of weeks and not check my weight so much. The good news is it looks like I got this new job which is much closer to home (and thus frees me 3 hours a day of commuting!) and I'm definitely wanting to get back into the gym. I haven't lifted in over a year now..
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