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Hi all,

I just recently started my second run of DNP (6 months since last) at 200mg powder/day. I'm 3 doses in now. I've woken up two times over the last two nights because my left or right hand has fallen asleep. I'm wondering if this is bad positioning or early signs of PN. It seems to me to be blood flow related because when I stand up and shake out my hand a bit, it totally dissipates. Also, neither my hands nor feet have fallen asleep while awake. Other than this I have no warning signs of PN, but I'm a bit concerned because, for me, waking up with a hand still asleep is usually far more infrequent than four times in two days.

If anyone here developed PN from DNP use, can you please explain if the pins and needles sensation in your hands and/or feet could be dissipated by shaking the limb out or a hallmark of PN would be that it comes and goes without your control? Also, what did the gradual onset look like and what were the early warning signs? Thanks.
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