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Originally Posted by Patrick N View Post
I'm mainly doing it for the other readers over that forum. Too many poor souls there believes this guy.
It doesn't help that he's part of the so-called Zero Carb cult, so his appeals aren't to reason per se.

When demolishing his icons and religious writ, it may come across better to respond to a handful of his posts in a larger, formatted response (as opposed to one quote per post or a wall of text). Just sayin'

However you do it, I hope you have success in your endeavors.

Originally Posted by Jean Paulo View Post
Drew Baye, inspite of being "professional" likes ad hominem attacks too lol. I had a debate with this guy over in Martin Berkhan's facebook wall regarding paleo dieting. Drew says grains are evil blah blah and other nonsense. Then he won't admit the fact that I've disproved his beliefs then this guy attacked me again on another Martin's post which is irrelevant to the subject. He's boasting his degree, education and stuff then I told him that PhD, degrees doesn't make a person perfect and be free from making mistakes.
The irony for me here is that I'm grateful to Drew for introducing me to a lot of people via the interwebz (totally unrelated to weightliftings or foodeatings) and I used to talk w/him when he was angrily in the 'a calorie is a calorie' camp and not angrily in the paleo reenactment camp.

The good old days when I was so into Super-Slow that I made myself temporarily incontinent while developing a pelvic floor protocol (nothing earth-shattering, just very slow Kegels).
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