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Originally Posted by Bj12288 View Post
Lol definitely not a troll lol im just a confused with the whole hypertrophy training and strength training cause we all know volume is a key driver of hypertrophy so i wasnt sure if still getting stronger and adding weight to the bar was still important for hypertrophy
Volume is a key driver for hypertrophy. Yeah, no. And define "volume".

The only paper anyone ever have needed read to understand growth:

Geniuinely, it was published in 1975 and we had 90% of it figured out: progressive tension overload. Everything else is secondary.

And I don't care how much volume or frequency or anything else you're doing: adding weight to the bar > EVERYTHING else.

Of course, weight must be added under conditions of good form while feeling the muscle across a full ROM.

Get stronger in the 6-12 range and you grow. Remember simply increasing your reps by one or two counts as "strength progress" too.

Now, someone may ask: What combination of intensity, frequency, volume will LET you add weight to the bar?

Clearly there is an enormous range for this. But it doesn't change the fundamental requirement in the LONG TERM for gains.

As Dante Trudell put it "Make strength gains in a moderate repetition range (5-12) and you will grow." The end.
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