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Default Flatout Pizza

Some one needs to come up with some flat bread pizza ideas...

Here's one I just made today but I'm pretty sure some one can make it much nicer in the macro department.

Flatout Pizza

1 Flatout Brand Flat bread (Light Original) - (Cals: 90, F: 2.5, C: 16g (Fiber: 9g), P: 9g)

1/2 Cup Ragu (Garlic flavor for me) - (Cals: 90, F: 2.5g, C: 13g (Fiber: 2g), P: 3g)

1/2 Cup Store Brand Shredded Mozzarella - (Cals: 160, F: 12g, C: 2g, P: 16g)


Preheat oven to 450.

Assemble your pizza, put it on a wire rack, for 6-8 mins.


Cals: 340
Fat: 17g (could be made better by choosing a low fat / no fat shredded mozz...)
Carbs: 20g net carbs.
Protein: 28g
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