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Yummy Breakfast Variation
I have this every single morning, very easy to make and only need a microwave!

116 gms egg whites (from hardboiled)
30 gms spinach (from frozen thawed)
1 1/2 feta cheese (full fat Presidents crumbled the best)
15 gms tomato (cherry)
20 gms of nutbutter ( I like almond, hazelnut, and cashew) I usually have a few more grams too

First: premicrowave the spinach (already thawed) for 4 min
then add eggs, tomato and cut up to your liking ( I cut it up very well), then microwave 1 min 15 sec. Then add salt/pepper and cut up again. Then top with feta and mix in lightly so it doesn't melt much

side of nutbutter to eat with the feta parts

~315 cals, 10c, 25p, 18f
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