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Question Going too far?

sorry for a longer question and sorry if it had been answered (I haven't found it).

I'm on cabergoline and wellbutrin for third week and it's frickin' awesome. Results are amazing yet I hardly care about food. Plus no noticeable muscle wasting. You changed my life and I love you... Really thanks.

Btw. for anyone - wellbutrin works much, MUCH better than e.g. sibutramine.

My intention is simply to go "all-the-way" and see where it takes me. (Or is this idea stupid already?) I'm not an athlete and I've never really been that skinny before. There's just no other specific goal I could think of.

I'm aware I'll get back to my natural setpoint eventually, but I'd just like to see myself like that for once.

Now under usual circumstances you don't have to worry about going too far and essential fat, since you would look like an Auschwitz survivor just to get there...

But on bromo(/cabergoline)? If I understand it right, my brain doesn't really know the body is losing fat. Without other symptoms, will there be some kind of warning for me that I'm overdoing it?
You haven't mentioned anything about that in your book (Bromocriptine, I don't have others)...

Also, in the end I'll have to actually figure out my appropriate maintenance intake and corresponding habits - simply by slowly raising my daily intake.
So I might remain in deficiency for some time even after I'll decide to stop.

Could that be dangerous? Or is it something I just don't have to worry about?

Best regards and thank you again.

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