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Originally Posted by kyoun1e View Post
I find it interesting that you basically only bulk Feb and March. And clean. I'm guessing this is similar to others and their "gaintaining" approach. This has you either in maintenance or diet mode the majority of the year. Similar to my usual plan. At most, I think I'm in bulking or gaintaining mode 1/3 of the year. I bet 40-50% is diet mode with the rest maintenance.

Does anyone let it all hang out and bulk big time anymore? Who are not genetically gifted or on drugs?
My last time with a big bulk was a couple of years ago. Iím on TRT at around 200mg of test a week and had been for about 2 years before that. I wanted to do a beginner cycle of 500-600mg for about 12 weeks. The brotastic roid boards said I could put on 2+ lbs of muscle a week. So I went all out. I let BF creep up to 20%. Gained a lot of water weight with it and maybe only added .5 of muscle per week at that late intermediate to advanced level. After dieting the BF off I ended up with about 3 extra lbs of muscle. So even with drugs a huge bulk wound up being a bad idea.
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