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Default RFL moving to maintenance

I did an 11 day RFL. Started at 178lbs, 6' 1", 41 years old. The PSMF calc put me in CAT1. I went down to 173 for the 11 days. I was eating Keto before that so I'm making the assumption that I did not have much water weight to drop. I did a 2 day refeed as prescribed ending at 175lbs after. The PSMF maintenance calc puts me at 1750 cals. I work out 3 days a week doing full body weight training. I decided to follow the recommended 222P, 100C, and 51F. This is suggested to be followed as a 2 week break. It states that a second round of PSMF would not be advisable for CAT1. I would like to figure out what to do next after the break. I read Flexible dieting and it seems that I would be in CAT1 weight, CAT2 exercise. I was thing 10cal/pd would be a good deficit based upon the books and posts, but that is what the RFL Moving to maintenance has me eating. Would it be advisable to cut back to 8cal/pound or is the PSMF maintenance calc underestimating my calories? I chose sedentary as my activity level since I work at a desk.
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