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I believe clen has something like a 100:1 binding affinity for b2:b1 receptors while ephedrine hits b1 and b2 relatively evenly. I don't think the reason you can do this (if you can, hopefully someone else chimes in) is necessarily the type of beta receptors hit, but the intensity and duration of the stimulation (clen stimulates b2 receptors with a much higher intensity with an extremely long half life while ephedrine is more mild with a shorter half life). Ketotifen fumarate "cleanses" b2 receptors (not sure what that even means lol) to keep them sensitive to clenbuterol, effectively allowing it to be run up to 8 weeks straight. I'm just curious if one was not going to run keto if the b2 receptors would recover adequately over a 2 week period during which ephedrine was used.
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