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Default Question about diet and refeeds

Hey everyone, I recently bought the book and it's been such an interesting reading. I started my flexible diet on the 30st April and I'm almost ready for my first refeed. I do have one question though.

First a few stats: I'm Cat 2 diet and Cat 1 exercise. I own a fitbit charge HR and do my maths everyday with that value in my mind. My diet is very moderate regarding carbs/fats/protein. Also, my minimum deficit on this cut is -10% of maintenance, though I've been doing a bigger cut than that most days.

I really want to make a refeed. From what I've read most people would probably not do it unless glycogen depleted which I'm probably not. But I do start getting mood swings usually on the 2nd week of dieting (has started already) and I started flexible diet exactly to help me accomplish fat loss without being awful to anyone.

According to my calculations, with the bare minimum for my stats I'd eat:
-Protein: 156g = 624cals
-Carbs: 377.2g = 1508.8cals
Thats around 2133 calories which will probably be a lot less than my burn for that day (I estimate around 3000 calories).

Does the refeed need to be higher than maintenance? Or as long as carbs are that high, fats less than 50g everything should work out fine?

Thank you!
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