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Ah, that definitely sounds reasonable. Well, too late this time, but definitely something I intend to try after the next 10-14d.

Can I ask you something else? After I read this book.. and comments on Lyle's other books I got extremely confused with what should be more or less my "macros". And I did read that Lyle does not agree with macros (which also makes sense) but unfortunately his guidelines for maintenance are very hard to follow in a cut. So if I eat my 156g of protein a day I still have fats and carbs to choose from. And I'm terribly confused whether I should go higher carbs or higher fats. If a refeed should have more carbs, then the cut surely should have less? UD2 from what I got from comments and reviews looks very ketogenic until the 3d refeed.

I do enjoy carbs a lot. And just from eating some fruit and veggies by main meals, it raises carbs to around 122g. I do like porridge though, and a nice little sandwich after a run. I haven't read everything Lyle wrote... yet. have you seen anything that says someone shouldn't have a lot of carbs on a cut because it decreases chance of losing fat? Specially if adding a refeed every 12 days?
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