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You need to read these 2 articles:

Set total calories, then set protein, set fat, set carbs. The magnitude of your caloric restriction will determine how low you have to go on carbs and fat. Protein is a set amount, period. Don't deviate from that. That said, carbs help with energy and recovery so I tend to keep fat low and carbs relatively higher so I can fit within my caloric restriction.

UD2 is very ketogenic for the first 3.5 days, correct.

As far as the amount of carbs on a cut - first of all, I am no expert. But, my thinking is that if you are in a deficit, your body is burning calories from all sources - carbs, protein (muscle) and fat. Keeping protein high and lifting weights provides the substrate and signaling to your body to maintain lean body mass. Therefore your body starts consuming carbs + fat for energy. The lower the carbs, the more you skew consumption to fat because calories have to come from somewhere.

Originally Posted by Nadoriel View Post
Ah, that definitely sounds reasonable. Well, too late this time, but definitely something I intend to try after the next 10-14d.

Can I ask you something else? After I read this book.. and comments on Lyle's other books I got extremely confused with what should be more or less my "macros". And I did read that Lyle does not agree with macros (which also makes sense) but unfortunately his guidelines for maintenance are very hard to follow in a cut. So if I eat my 156g of protein a day I still have fats and carbs to choose from. And I'm terribly confused whether I should go higher carbs or higher fats. If a refeed should have more carbs, then the cut surely should have less? UD2 from what I got from comments and reviews looks very ketogenic until the 3d refeed.

I do enjoy carbs a lot. And just from eating some fruit and veggies by main meals, it raises carbs to around 122g. I do like porridge though, and a nice little sandwich after a run. I haven't read everything Lyle wrote... yet. have you seen anything that says someone shouldn't have a lot of carbs on a cut because it decreases chance of losing fat? Specially if adding a refeed every 12 days?
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