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Default Is too much protein on carb load okay?

I remember reading in the book something along the lines of "no need to go beyond X amount of protein, it will just be wasted". Am I correct in remembering something like this? I have been reading through but have trouble finding it again.

I am prepping my calories/macros for carb load day and I am having trouble hitting my needed carb grams without getting high protein (about 50% higher than 1g/lb lbm). Is this ok or can it cause problems? Will my body just not use it and get rid of it?

I've tried putting more focus on keeping my fats down to 50g, and my carbs up to needed level. Is focusing on not having too much protein also a top priority?

I don't feel like I am accounting for a lot of protein only foods. Mostly breads, pastas, and milk as stated in the book.
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