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Originally Posted by Cytochrome View Post
For this to really have much meaning, don't they need to try compounds with the upper body and simpler exercises with the lower? Not that I don't believe the results; you just need to rule out the possibility that legs just don't grow as much/fast as upper, period.
The researchers state that

One limitation to the present study was the use of other exercises that trained the same musculature as the bench press, leg press and arm curl. These additional exercises were used in a study of the effects of whole- versus split-body weight training routines"


"Iíd mention that, even due to activities of daily living, the lower body usually gets some work (walking, climbing stairs) while the upper body frequently does not. Itís possible that some of the difference in growth is related to this. We know that untrained muscles grow more effectively than trained muscles so perhaps the relatively less trained nature of the upper body is responsible for the faster growth. Since this study and the one linked above did have some simple leg movements that didnít cause growth, I see this as a possibility."

So it was addressed, PERIOD.
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