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Originally Posted by Blade View Post
You'll most likely be fine, but the more important question is:

Are you getting results? Are you gaining mass?
Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the lateness of my response (holidays in the US and all of that).

I'm pretty sure I am. My weight fluctuates by +/- 1-3 lbs every day, even though I weigh myself as soon as I wake up, but it looks like it's going up; it was averaging at about 147 two weeks ago, and now it looks to be hovering around 149-150. I'm eating 4,000 calories on workout days and 3,500 on non-workout/cardio days, so I'd imagine it's be pretty hard for my weight not to go up.

Originally Posted by mrlakramondas View Post
And how do you feel? Always tired?
I feel pretty fine... I'm not noticing any obvious negative effects. I typically do the cardio fasted, just because that works better in my schedule, and as I'd said, it's low-low/medium intensity.

Definitely don't feel tired or overtrained. Cardio does blunt my appetite, but eating a ton isn't difficult for me in the first place, so if anything, that's a good thing.

But reading the article on rest made me second-guess whether or not it would be better to have one or two days completely off from anything.
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