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10 mg of Bromo, and no side effects.
I was off Bromo for two days last weekend, started at 8 again (a bit stupid, seeing that I had been off for a couple of days), felt nausea, threw up and had to lay down on the bathroom floor. The next day I took 5 mg at around lunch, 4 hours later I peaked and felt euphoric, and the sensation lasted for several hours. Today I started at 5 mg, added 1.25 every other hour to see if I could get the same feeling or at least some side-effects to measure Bromo's effect on me, but nothing happened, I just felt a little tired after a while.

Why am I not experiencing sides on such high doses? Is my tolerance too high?
Any thoughts on this?

PS: From looking at my body in the mirror, I can clearly see differences in bodyfat, only after a couple of days.

But I'm kinda worried about not feeling any sides except from the first day. Could I actually be suffering from hyperprolactinaemia, not knowing about this whilst trying to normalize my leptin levels? How high on the dose should I go?
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