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January 3- 185 pounds (first weigh in; begin diet)
January 10- 180.2 pounds
January 17- 178.6 pounds
January 24- 179.8 pounds
January 31- 177.8 pounds
February 7- 177.29 pounds

Okay I did the rolling 7 day average. My lowest was in the 176 range. Highest was in the 179. I ended up with 177.29 pounds. Overall if I go back to roughly a month ago I have only lost 3 pounds perhaps. I decided to drop down to 1800 calories a day.

I will give that a run for this week and see what my weight does. I'm aiming for 1-1.5 pound fat loss per week. My goal weight is 165 pounds which I estimate I'll be at 8-10% bodyfat hopefully. I'm starting to lean out. My arms and legs are getting some nice definition. My abdominal muscles are still hiding under a small layer of fat that refuses to go away.
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