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Originally Posted by nadfubach View Post
One thing to note about those recommendations is that they aren't based on eating in a deficit. When eating in a deficit, protein needs go up in order to maintain lean body mass.
If I've read Lyle correctly, how much lean mass one is likely to lose is largely dependent on their body fat. If you're already lean, then yes. But the higher the body fat, the less lean mass one loses even in a deficit. And for women, even less so.

And for me, even after going from 152 lbs (in 2015) to 116 (in 2016), following a similar diet, the only thing that was clearly evident was the loss in body fat. All I cared about was losing inches on my waist, thighs, arms and chest, which I did! And was quite pleased with the results. And even though, I didn't do any heavy lifting, I was active and getting fitter and looking good. I'd have had to do a dexa scan to "see" what muscle mass I lost. In other words, it was insignificant and Lyle was right. But maybe this time I'll do a dexa scan and see what changes over the next 20 lbs drop? I might. We'll see.

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