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Amount of protein intake is indeed highly exaggerated. Look at all the research and anecdotes on vegans for example. They eat less protein of lower quality, but have similar results. Even if there's a difference, it's so small it doesn't matter for the average trainee. Only in extreme scenarios a case can be made. However, that's not applicable to 99% of us.

Look at it from a biological standpoint:
a) How much sense does it make that your body immediately starts to consume itself when food is not available for a while? That's a last resort strategy, not its first choice.
b) How much gram of protein excess is actually required for the body to build or maintain muscle? Muscle gain is painfully slow. Even if only 20 gram of the protein excess goes to building muscle, that's about 15 pound of extra muscle a year! After the newbie phase, that's not achievable anymore. Hence, only a fraction of protein goes to actual muscle tissue.

In conclusion:
Surpluses of hundreds of grams of protein only work for drug users or for people to prevent hunger. Not to build/maintain muscle.

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