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Originally Posted by zLeeKo View Post
Pretty simple.

Set a weekly deficit first. So let's say 25%.

4 PSMFish, low carb/calorie days, let's say about 8-9 kcal/lbs plus some LISS cardio.

3 refeed days, about 17 kcal/lbs, which is in my case about 250 kcal above maintenance and about 450g of carbs. Basically you want as much carbs as you possibly need/can.

If you notice you're more depleted than usual, more lethargic, that your morning body temperature is lower than normal, you can add some more carbs on refeed day. But that's minutiae.
so if 25% less then it would be more like 12 kcal per lb, as 8-9 would be too few if you are saying 17 kcal/lb on refeed. Right? sorry I googled PSMFish but do not know what it means? so you say i find out caloric intake for me at maintenance, then cut it by 25 % deficit. 4 days /wk do like 75 F/20 P/5C of that deficit amount and the other 3 days I would increase to 17 kcal/lb and then that increase comes in the form of carbs but 35% C , and how is other 65% split between P and F? Do I need to go as high as 75 F on the low carb/cal days?
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