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Both this and the 'whoosh' article have really allowed me to piece together the rapid changes I have seen in my physique over the past week.

I had been dieting hard for the better of 14 weeks from early March until just recently. I did refeed once/week but kept cals very low and busted my I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post.I need to read the rules post. lifting 3x per week and also included cardio on my off days (usually 3 session LI, 1 HIIT). I was absolutely burned out towards the end, the only thing that kept me going was a four day vacation which meant time off from the diet, training and cardio.

I came back and started lifting and doing cardio this past week but instead of continuing with the keto approach I read up on EOD refeeds and decided to implement them on my lifting days seeing as I am sub 10% BF right now. The changes have been nothing short of drastic. Here are the things I have noted over the past week:

1. body feels tighter
2. two new ab veins
3. excellent sense of self and increased well being
4. increased gym performance
5. leaner than before
6. no mood swings
7. still not taking naps
8. sleeping trouble (less sound sleep)
9. getting less sleep (7-8 hours)
10. waking up early yet again (first time in weeks or maybe a month)
11. greater sensitivity to how my body is reacting to different stimuli (ie lifting, cardio, carbs, meal timing, caffeine, sleep)
12. Regaining desire to learn and better myself

Obviously a few of them are purely aesthetic but the most amazing thing is the major elevation in my mood and general sense of well being. Admittedly I found myself in a funk for weeks leading up to this point and it seems with the strategic implementation of carbs around training and a cyclic caloric intake I have found something that should work very well for me moving forward.

Just want to say thanks Lyle. This forum has been a great addition to the small amount of forums worth a damn on the net. Keep up the great work. AGTFD has been a godsend for me, I now am not worried about sticking to a reasonable diet while having a good time during what I am considering a 'maintenance' phase while I enjoy the summer.
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