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Average Week 0: 80.56kg/177.6lbs
Average Week 1: 79.00kg/174.2lbs (-1.56kg/-3.4lbs)
Average Week 2: 78.01kg/172.0lbs (-0.99kg/-2.2lbs)
Average Week 3: 78.34kg/172.7lbs (+0.33kg/+0.70lbs)
Average Week 4: 77.17kg/170.13lbs (-1.17kg/-2.57lbs)
Average Week 5: 78.34kg/172.71lbs (+1.17kg/+2.58lbs) [Maintenance Week 1]
Average Week 6: 78.46kg/172.97lbs (+0.12kg/+0.26lbs) [Maintenance Week 2]
Average Week 7: 76.92kg/169.58lbs (-1.54kg/-3.39lbs)
Average Week 8: 76.13kg/167.84lbs (-0.79kg/-1.74lbs)
Average Week 9: 76.76kg/169.23lbs (+0.63kg/+1.39lbs)
Average Week 10: 75.13kg/165.63lbs (-1.63kg/-3.60lbs)
Average Week 11: 77.94kg/171.83lbs (+2.81kg/+6.20lbs) [Maintenance Week 1]

A good week of maintenance. Feels amazing to have the calories. Aside from the initial pop in weight from an exceptionally salty ribs recipe I tried (I won't be doing it again), my weight has stabilized. Weather has been nice too, so I've been getting a lot more walking in. I'm still sticking with the M,W,F - Lower/Upper weight regime. Two more weeks of maintenance left.

So this has been on my mind and thought maybe I should post about it. I may create a thread for it somewhere it'll get more attention, but feel free to comment your thoughts.

I feel like I may have some sort of unhealthy body image issue. It's not like body dysmorphia, as I'm not obsessed with it - but none the less similar without being OCD about it. Basically, I look at myself in the mirror and I'm not happy with where I'm at - in particular with my ab area. I know I'm lean, but I'm not getting to that place. And it could be about excess skin in the mid section. When I'm wearing clothes I think I look great. I often shock myself with how vascular I am in the arms and legs (especially the legs).

In good lights I think I'm close and than other times it's just like I'm above 25% body fat. Am I just imagining this sort of thing? Or am I just hard on myself and look for the imperfections? I know that I'm reaching literal limits for myself. At 6'-0", I know my weight can't go down too much more before I'm just some leaned out stick (which is disappointing for someone that has weight lifted on and off for years).

Does anyone else get these feelings with their pursuit of better aesthetics?
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